Clomid — indications, risks, precautions

Descriptions: What is Clomid? What are the indications of Clomid? Who are not allowed to take Clomid and why? How to buy Clomid online safely? 

Clomid is a SERM drug belonging to the group of triphenylethylene compounds. Its key ingredient is clomiphene. The drug revolutionized the treatment of infertility in female patients caused with ovarian dysfunction. The drug is commonly prescribed to stimulate ovaries (ovarian induction) to reverse anovulation into normal functioning. The drug is also widely applied by bodybuilders after anabolic steroid cycles to induce fast recovery of production of male hormone – testosterone. The drug has become one of the most frequently prescribed medicines in assisted treatment of infertility. Clomid is on the list of essentials of the World Health Organization.

Clomid online prescription information

Clomid is a prescription drug which is used to treat infertility in female patients caused with anovulation or oligoovulation. There are no due research of efficacy of Clomid in patients with infertility of unknown reason. Patients prescribed cheap Clomid perform get pregnant more often than those getting no ovulation stimulating therapy and using rhythm method of pregnancy planning. Those patients on cheap Clomid perform a clinical pregnancy rate of 5,6% against those using calendar method who perform only 1,7% of pregnancies.

You are recommended to buy Clomid to get your ovaries stimulated even if you do not experience infertility problems, however you want to become pregnant faster. Clomid is often included into infertility treatment schemes to boost chances for pregnancy starting.

It is recommended to buy Clomid online (as it is cheaper than in offline drug stores), but mind that cheap Clomid online is the same prescription drug. You need to visit your health care provider and inform about a decision to start Clomid stimulation.

Why you need to see a doctor?

Before you order Clomid online, you must know that exact timing of drug intake is of ultimate importance. The matter is that ovulation happens on certain days of menstrual cycle. If cheap Clomid is started improperly (on a wrong day), then ovulation may not happen at all, shift within the cycle (come earlier or too late).

Before you will buy Clomid cheap, you must find out when your ovulation exactly happens. The ovulation is diagnosed with certain methods:

* vaginal ultrasound investigation of follicles – the procedure is conducted several times per cycle in the first phase. A serial of ultrasounds is needed to measure follicles exactly and to know when ovulation happens and whether it happens at all.

* lab tests to measure estradiol levels

* post-coital testing to detect whether active sperm cells remain in uterus after sex

* and a series of other tests considering individual health profile

Clomid is started on the 3rd- 5th day of menstrual cycle and commonly is taken up to 9th day of cycle. Vaginal ultrasound examination will prove whether ovulation happened or not.

Clomid dosage

Clomid online pharmacy warns that though you can Clomid without prescription still you must visit a physician who will indicate a proper dosage for you.

Clomid comes in round white pills of 50mg. This is the lowest dosage available. Clomid online uk pharmacy recommends to start treatment with the lowest dosage regardless of individual health profile. Clomid is taken once a day with a full glass of water regardless of food intake. Cheap Clomid online recommendations on intake are as follows:

buy Clomid uk in pills in quantity enough to cover the entire treatment course

choose a perfect time for intake – it is recommended to take a pill in the morning

cheap Clomid pills are taken at the same intervals of time for five days – one pill per one day


You must not take Clomid in dosages higher than it is prescribed to you. This may lead to hyperstimulation of ovaries. This condition can cause death in patients. Overstimulation can result in multiple pregnancy.

Set notifications on Clomid intake. You must not skip, miss or take a dosage too late. This may affect the way your ovaries are stimulated and result in no ovulation at all.

After buy Clomid canada and start treatment you must constantly be under strict medical supervision. Your doctor must track the condition of your ovaries response. Ultrasound will show whether ovulation happens on cheap Clomid canada or not. Ovulation tests are not a valid method of ovulation diagnostics as they react to the level of luteinizing hormone. High levels of this hormone do not indicate ovulation.

A woman must be additionally examined at the end of each menstrual cycle on the drug to find out whether to buy Clomid online uk for the next cycle or this one is successful and the woman is pregnant. Clomid can be repeated every 30 days starting from the 3rd – 5th day of the cycle. The drug is taken in the same way. However if a patient has three unsuccessful cycles with Clomid ovarian stimulation, then a doctor can revise treatment scheme and increase the dosage.

Mind that a pregnancy planning couple should follow a certain sexual schedule. Clomid online usa pharmacy recommends:

* having sexual intercourses once in every two days

* having sex in the morning results in more cases of successful pregnancy

* a woman must not use any vaginal gels, creams and other lubricants as these may affect sperm quality or even kill sperm cells, reduce their activity and ability to fertilize an egg

Adverse effects of Clomid

Before you will buy Clomid online cheap, you must know the risks of taking the treatment. Clomid causes ovary enlargement in less than 10% of cases. It is a very serious condition which can lead to

death, ovary collapse and permanent infertility. Some women report headaches, blurred vision, vomiting and nausea.

Clomid must not be taken without prescription. There are studies proving that the drug increases the risks of ovarian cancer. The risks are higher in patients who have never been pregnant.

Before you buy Clomid australia you must visit your physician and consult on possible side effects and risks for your health.

Many online pharmacies offer to buy Clomid in canada, but you must realize that you take all responsibility for taking the drug if you do not visit a doctor and do not follow the instructions and indications for proper use of the drug.