Fertomid – indications, side effects, risks of treatment

Description: Fertomid is a prescription drug used to stimulate ovaries for inducing ovulation. Find out Fertomid online reviews, indications, precautions, risks and side effects. 

Fertomid is a prescription drug administered to treat infertility in women caused with ovarian dysfunction and anovulation. Fertomid online reviews prove effectiveness of the drug in stimulating of ovulation. Fertomid does not treat a cause your ovaries do not produce viable eggs, but induces the ovulation by stimulating pituitary gland to produce enough of luteinizing hormone which induces ovaries to produce eggs and ovulation to take place. Fertomid comes in round white pills of 50mg each. The active ingredient of the drug is clomiphene. Fertomid is one of the brand names of the drug. It is also known as Clomid. The pills restore normal functioning of ovaries, normalize menstrual cycle. The drug is also included in the schemes of treatment of amenorrhoea, irregular ovulation and abnormal menstrual bleeding. The drug is effective to correct gynecological dysfunctions caused with hormonal imbalance. The drug is ineffective if the dysfunction is caused with bacterial infections, new formations, inflammations of womb, ovaries or tubes.

To buy Fertomid offline you will need to get a prescription from your doctor. If you want to buy Fertomid online, then you do not need visiting a doctor and to get prescription. Сheap Fertomid is also used in men for treatment of oligospermia (low content of sperm cells in sperm fluid). For male treatment the drug is administered in lower dosages and commonly a male patient takes 25mg (a half of a pill). In male patients cheap Fertomid stimulates sperm production and increases active sperm cells count in the sperm fluid.

How cheap Fertomid pills work?

Cheap Fertomid pills are prescribed to patients to treat infertility. Fertomid cures the condition caused with anovulation in women and low sperm count (oligospermia). The active ingredient of the drug – clomiphene – is a SERM which is able to bind to the receptors of estrogen which are located in hypothalamus (brain center) and to prevent negative feedback of estrogen. Low levels of this hormone stimulate hypothalamus to produce gonadotropin which in its turn stimulates pituitary gland to release other hormones which are essential for ovulation to happen. These hormones are follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). These hormones stimulate ovaries to grow and maturate egg cells and to rupture and release mature egg cells ready to get

fertilized with semen. Fertomid without prescription simulates natural lowering of the levels of estrogens and brain centers to release necessary hormones for growing and maturating of healthy and viable eggs.


Fertomid online pharmacy warns that the drug stimulates ovaries to maturate more egg cells which results in multiple egg ovulation and may result in multiple pregnancy.

What does cheap Fertomid canada contain?

Fertomid contains clomiphene and supplementary substances ensuring proper absorption and conversion of the drug in the body of a patient. Please, check the drug description on an online drug store. If cheap Fertomid online description lists other ingredients in the pills, then do not order as this drug will perform a different action in your body. Drugs with another formula and composition will act differently.

What dosages of Fertomid online usa are available?

Unlike Clomid (which comes only in one dosage of 50mg), Fertomid comes in two dosages. An average female dosage is 50mg. An average male dosage of Fertomid for treatment of oligospermia is 25mg. Please, check the drug thoroughly before you buy. If you find Fertomid in different dosages, then do not buy as this can be a different drug and will perform a different effect.

Please, do not choose drugs online trying to diagnose your conditions and getting proper treatment. You can order Fertomid online safely only after discussing of your condition with your health care provider and finding out that the drug is right for you. Fertomid does not treat all causes of infertility. Moreover in some cases administering Fertomid can be of great risk for health. Please, read carefully the section of risks of using the drug.

When you must not use Fertomid

Due to availability of Fertomid online uk without prescription, there is a growing number of cases of misuse of the drug. While in most of the cases improper usage of cheap Fertomid leads to zero effect, in certain patients the drug leads to life threatening effect.

You can buy Fertomid cheap without prescription if you are sure:

* you do not ovulate – the diagnosis is proved with blood tests of hormones, ultrasound examination and health profile

* your doctor aproves Fertomid being right treatment for you – you have an individual treatment course prescribed, thus you know how to take Fertomid properly

* male patient has sperm test done and diagnosed a low count of viable active sperm cells in the sperm fluid

* you understand the risks of using Fertomid

Fertomid is not toxic, it does not cause defects and dysfunctions in your body. The key risks of uncontrollable taking of the drug are as follows:

* tubal pregnancy – if fallopian tubes are impenetrable, then the risk of getting tubal pregnancy increases. In most cases it is effectively and safely terminated. In 80% of cases the condition results in loss of a tube. In severe cases a woman experiences severe inflammation. If the tubal pregnancy is not diagnosed early and goes on developing in the tube, then in almost 97% of cases the condition ends up with tube rupture.

* multiple pregnancy – Fertomid stimulates ovaries to produce multiple eggs which are viable and able to get fertilized. This can be a life threatening condition if a woman gets more than three babies in uterus.

Where to buy Fertomid?

You can buy Fertomid uk online or offline. Offline purchase will require a prescription from your doctor. A prescription is issued for one treatment course. However pregnancy planning couples commonly need up to three courses of treatment before starting a baby. To buy Fertomid canada without prescription you can visit one of online drug stores and choose original Fertomid paying attention to the form of the drug (round while pills), dosage (25 or 50mg) as well as formula (Fertomid contains clomiphene and supplementary compounds only). Moreover you will buy Fertomid online cheap as online stores commonly offer sufficient discounts, free pills and additional promotions.

Some online stores offer to buy Fertomid online uk with overnight shipping which lets you to get the drug fast. Mind that you will need enough pills to complete a course. Please do not start a course if you do not have enough of pills or buy Fertomid australia in advance. The matter is that you can not miss a dosage. Any missed dosage may result in anovulation. You will need to skip this cycle and start again in the next cycle. That is why we recommend to buy Fertomid in canada in advance to get enough of pills to complete the course.